Windows Plan

DPDK porting on Windows


DPDK 21.08 supports running testpmd and examples with mlx5, i40e, and ice HW, vmxnet3 paravirtual devices in QEMU, or with PCAP virtual devices. It requires yet unsigned kernel-mode drivers to run (except mlx5). Only network PMDs are currently enabled.

Current focus is friction-less consumption by end-users and supporting more HW. Multi-process, and hence dpdk-pdump support is neither available nor scheduled.

Windows draft repository is suspended, all development happens in the upstream:

The DPDK documentation for Windows is updated along with upstream progress.

The PMD-specific documentation should be updated in the common NIC drivers guide.


Features and milestones may be noted here. This is not a commitment but plan of work. This list is obviously neither complete nor guaranteed.

General Availability

Feature Support


Future (unscheduled)