Technical Board

More high level details are defined in the charter.


The decision making process is primarily based on consensus. However in rare cases, the Technical Board can make a decision when consensus is not reached on the mailing list.

The scope of this body is limited to the questions directly related to the development in the following repositories:


The 11 members of are:


Technical Board positions are held by individuals, not companies. However, employees of a single company should not occupy more than 40% of board seats.

It can be decided to remove a member if there is an approval of 23 of the whole Technical Board. It can be decided either to replace the member, or to redefine the size of the board.

There will be some renewal when it will be felt as needed.


Meetings happen every two weeks at 3 pm UTC. Everybody is welcome to join.

The quorum required for a meeting to proceed is a 70% majority of the Technical Board.

The Chair is a rotating role among members.

Any contributor can ask to add a topic in the agenda by sending an email to The board members will add any topic of interest in the agenda.

Minutes are sent to so anyone can comment. However, the technical discussions should happen in the original thread.

There is a list of previous meeting minutes.


For a vote to be passed, a majority (> 50%) of the total Technical Board is required (not just a majority of those in attendance at the meeting). In the event of a deadlock the Technical Board Chair shall have the casting vote.