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Version 23.03 (2023 March)

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Cycle model

A typical release should be done after 4 months.

It is designed to allow DPDK to keep evolving at a rapid pace while giving enough opportunity to review, discuss and improve the contributions.

The merge window will open once the previous release is complete. First version of a new feature must be submitted before the proposal deadline. Features that miss this first period will be deferred until the next release.

Updated versions of patches (v2, v3, etc.) will be submitted to address comments. The new features must be properly reviewed, tested and accepted before the integration deadline. Otherwise, they will be postponed to the next releases.

At the end of the merge windows, the first release candidates are out.

The last period is approximately 1 month long and is dedicated to bug fixing.





Stable Releases

There is a documentation page describing the guidelines of the stable releases.

Stable point releases follow mainline releases.

After each -rc tag and after the final version, relevant bug fixes get backported by the stable maintainers into the respective branches in “bursts”.

Developers can provide stable-specific patches by sending them to only (avoiding Further information on subject prefixes for this case is documented here.

After all the relevant bugfixes have been backported, regression tests are run, and if clear, the stable release is announced.

Typically a new stable release version follows a mainline release by 3-6 weeks, depending on the test results.

Current version Next version Next version Date End of life Maintainers
18.11.11 - - December 2020 (EOL) -
19.11.14 - - December 2022 (EOL) Christian Ehrhardt
20.11.7 20.11.8 April 2023 December 2023 (LTS) Luca Boccassi
21.11.3 21.11.4 April 2023 November 2023 (LTS) Kevin Traynor
22.11.1 22.11.2 April 2023 November 2024 (LTS) Xueming Li